Stainless Bowl

click on any of the images for a better view

Start with a new image, 600 x 600, 100 pixels per inch

Use the db-stainless Balls & Bubbles preset which was created in Paint Shop Pro X. Download and unzip to your preset folder and it will show up in your drop down list in the Balls & Bubbles options.

My friend, Topsy, saved this preset which will work in Versions 8 and 9.

Resize the ball layer only by 80 percent leaving the canvas size the same by unchecking “Resize All Layers”

With your rectangle selection tool, select the top portion of the ball and then hit delete on your keyboard to create your bowl. Deselect.

Wasn’t that easy????

To create the lip of the bowl, once again use your selecton tool to select the lip and then use the following inner bevel preset.

Inner Bevel Preset

If you want to change the color, my favorite way is to use the manual color correction. See the next image.

Since your perspective is looking straight on, it will help to fill your bowl with whatever suits your fancy.

The perspective drop shadow I used in the apple bowl from my challenge image is from Eye Candy 3 and the settings can be seen here.

Now that you’ve completed this, go back and do it again and play with all those options in Balls & Bubbles. Click on each of the tabs, change settings and “see” what you can come up with!