Lined in Gold Text

This tutorial was written for PSP v7, assumes you have a working knowledge of PSP and is very easy to complete!  It is a companion tutorial to Gold Outlined Text.  The inner bevel and chrome settings are the same and the instructions or suggestions at the bottom of this page are identical to the other tutorial.

Begin with a 400 x 300 black canvas.  Set your foreground color to white and your background color to #B5995F.

Choose your text tool and set the line width to 4.  Click in your canvas to activate your text.  I picked Broadview, size 72 and typed Gold with vector and antialias checked.  If you’re satisfied with the size and placement of your text, convert to a raster layer.

With your Magic Wand set at Match Mode | RGB and the tolerance at 32, choose the white outline of the text.  Go to Selections | Modify | Select Similar.  All of the white should now be selected.  Then choose Selections | Promote to Layer.  Your white is now on a layer of it’s own.  With the selection still active, return to the original text layer on your layer palette and hit delete on your keyboard.  You now have three layers, the black background, the gold colored text and the white outline.  On both the gold colored layer and the white outline layer, use Effects | Blur | Average at the default setting of  3 to get rid of the jaggies.

Use these inner bevel settings on both of the text layers.

Use Artistic Effects | Chrome on both layers.


Add a drop shadow on both layers with settings of 0 | 0 | 100 | 5.

According to the font used and the color of your background, your text may need sharpened since we blurred to get rid of the jaggies.  I like to start with the Unsharp Mask at 1.00 | 100 | 5 and play with the settings until I’m satisfied.

You can create several colors of metallic looking text by changing the color in the chrome settings or for even more fun, try Effects | Enhance Photo | Manual Color Correction.  Drag a selection around your text in the left hand window, then choose the Color Category that suits your needs.  I used Vegetables | Radish to get the red color in the graphic on this page.Like the reflection?  Duplicate your text layer, flip it, nudge it up under the original layer and then use the deformation tool to distort it.  Lower the opacity of the deformed layer and you’re done.

Let me know if I can assist you in any way, thanks for taking the time to view and/or try my tutorial!