Festive Reindeer Table

This tutorial was written for PSP v7 and assumes you have a working knowledge of the tools and effects.

 Some of the screenshots have been reduced to 60% of the original size.

Don’t forget to save often!

Begin with a 350 x 350 transparent canvas. Navigate the Preset Shapes to find the “Deer Viewing” Sign.  With retain style and vector checked, draw out the deer to the size of your canvas.

With your Crop tool, crop your image close to the deer.

On your layer palette, expand the vector layer by clicking the + beside Layer 2 and then again by Deer Viewing.  Hide the Border layer, go to Selections | From Vector, then Selections | Invert.Delete Layer 2, you now have a clean, jaggie free selection.*My thanks to Helen Grainge and LindaMarie for helping me cleanly select the deer.

Set your foreground color to #E6CD6E and your background color to #573A07 Change the foreground style to sunburst gradient.H | 22
V | 26
Repeats | 0Fill the selectionDeselect

Effects | 3D Effects | Inner Bevel

Effects | Artistic Effects | Chrome
Flaws | 4
Brightness | 50
Use Original Color CheckedBrighten the color of your deer by going to Colors | Adjust | Brightness/Contrast
Brightness | 20
Contrast | 20

Image | Canvas Size
New Width | 500
New Height | 400
Center Horizontal Unchecked
Center Vertical Checked
Right click on your layer palette, duplicate the deer layer, then Image | Mirror Create a new layer and drag to the bottom of your layer palette.  Fill with black to help you see the glass table top as you are creating it.

Create a new layer at the top of your layer palette.  With your Selecton tool | Ellipse | Antialias checked, draw an ellipse similar to this one for your table top.  Fill with the Metallic Linear Gradient | Angle 90.  Lower the opacity of the layer to 40.

Create a new layer and drag below the glass top we just made to make the edge of the glass.  With your selection still active, change to the mover tool, right click and drag your selection down about 4 pixels (just guess, we can fix it later.)  Fill the selection with the same gradient.  Now, go to Selections | Modify | Contract | 4 | OK | Delete | Deselect.

With your rectangle selection tool, select the top half of the ellipse, then hit delete.  Use your mover tool if you need to nudge the edge into place, then lower the opacity to 70.

Give the glass layer and the edge layer a drop shadow.

Effects | 3D Effects | Drop Shadow
V and H | 6
Opacity | 80
Blur | 10

Hide the black background and the two deer, then merge visible the glass and edge for your glass table top.

Create a new layer for your candle.  With your rounded rectangle selection, antialias checked, draw out the size and shape of your candle.  Fill with the same metallic gradient.  To stay with a gold theme, I used.

Colors | Colorize; Hue | 30; Saturation | 120

Create a new layer, use dark gray, with your draw tool set to 5, make the wick for your candle.

Create a new layer for your flame.  I used JASC’s fire set at 20.

Okay, the hard part is done, now comes the fun part, you are ready to decorate!  All of my candle decorations are tubes.  Some are JASC’s that came with v7, some I’ve found on the ‘net.  I won’t go into detail on the decorations.  I obsess and use too many layers when I’m playing around!

 A few tips:

  • For each decoration I added, I made a new layer.  You can move and manipulate or delete if you don’t like what you’ve done.
  • Be sure and add a few decorations below your candle layer to give more depth to your image.
  • When you are finished, hide the background, the deer layers and the glass table top, merge visible your candle, wick, flame and decorations.  Save as a PSP file with your layers intact to reuse your deer, table top or candle in another image.  I recycle parts of my images all the time!  Pssst……it’s either resourceful or lazy, you decide!  😉

If you would like to add the candle glow as I did.  Create a new layer, fill with black, set the blend mode to screen.  Effects | Illumination Effects | Sunburst with the following settings.

Play with the sliders, change the glow color, have fun!  Once I was satisfied, I lowered the opacity of the sunburst layer to 65.  As always, be creative, make the image uniquely yours!


Would you like to make the deer look like glass?  Tanja Säily discovered a way and shared her technique.Follow the instructions to make the brass deer.
Duplicate your deer layer.
Go to Effects > Texture Effects > Rough Leather > Custom 2.
Go to Colors > Negative Image.
Set the layer blend mode to Dodge.
Merge visible layers.
Go to Colors > Colorize > Hue 0, Saturation 0.
Set the layer blend mode to Hard Light.
Flood fill your background with a pattern to see the difference.

Isn’t that pretty?  Thank you, tape!

Let me know if I can assist you in any way, thanks for taking the time to view and/or try my tutorial.