I told you I was attending a study group tonight and we were going to use David Duchemin’s book, “The Visual Toolbox” as a guide.  While rereading his introduction tonight I knew I needed to learn these words and recite them to myself often!

“Envy, gear lust, and the lie that better gear will make more compelling photographs just pulls your mind and heart from making art. Beauty can be made with the simplest of means.”

I have been guilty of thinking these very things.

If only I had that lens or this camera my photos would be better!

Not true and I know that, but I do get caught up in that way of thinking at times.

Thanks to Mr. Duchemin’s words, I’m going to learn to steer away from those thoughts and be happy with the gear I already have.

Too bad he didn’t write this book a couple of years ago, my camera bag might be a little lighter load to carry.

No Birds, But Look at that Bokeh!

No Birds, but Look at that Bokeh!

What the heck is bokeh you might ask. It’s the beautiful out-of-focus regions in a photograph often associated with light or reflections. The circular, blurred areas to the right of the hummingbird feeder is actually light filtered through the trees on that late afternoon as I was trying (to no avail) to capture the hummers while feeding. They kept landing or hovering on the opposite side of where I was sitting. Maybe next time I’ll get the birds AND the bokeh!