The Golden Hour

Do you know this term as it applies to photography? It’s that hour after sunrise and before sunset. The absolute best lighting situations for your natural light photography. Of course both of us had rather take the sunrise and sunset photos and only sometimes have other things to photograph with that wonderful light. If you know me at all, you also know I never see that morning hour, I’m either asleep or busily getting ready to leave the house, but Ed does, check it out!

Rule of Thirds

Do you know this rule as it applies to photography? I think we’ve all grown up with the idea of centering our subject in our camera’s frame and pressing the shutter. What I’ve learned and finally understand is centering all of your shots is uninteresting.

What am I talking about? Using the rule of thirds will teach you to be a better photographer, take more appealing photos and perhaps most of all, teach you to think about not simply pressing that shutter, but learning to compose your photos and maybe, just maybe you will find not just another photo, but a real work of art!

Think about an image divided into nine equally proportioned parts with evenly spaced horizontal and vertical lines and then align your subject at any of the intersecting points or along the lines.  My Nikon has a grid I turned on and leave on where I am easily reminded to compose with the rule of thirds.  Read this article from the Digital Photography School web site and you will more easily understand what I am not so eloquently trying to explain.

I’m still learning and and I’m certainly not always hitting those lines or intersecting points every time, but I’m trying!